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Building Transparency brings carbon-cutting tools to construction

The conversation in environmental circles continuously loops back to the construction industry, with widely accepted estimates that building materials and carbon release from existing structures contribute 40% of global emissions. Building Transparency, a nonprofit dedicated to driving awareness around the effects of embodied emissions and supporting action to limit them, has developed a free tool anyone can use to achieve carbon reduction goals.[...]

The Washington Alley Project seeks to revitalize D.C.

The Washington Alley Project seeks to transform D.C.'s alleys for modern urban living. In Washington, D.C., there are 82,397 single-family residential properties with alley frontage. If the Washington Alley model was applied to all of these spaces, it could house 187,900 new residents.[...]

Mining in Minnesota halts as government considers 20-year ban

The Biden administration is considering a U.S. Forest Service application requesting a 20-year mining ban on national forest land in Minnesota. The agency wants over 200,000 acres of land south of the Boundary Waters in Minnesota to be exempt from all proposed mining activities. If the application is successful, the ban would stop Chilean mining company Antofagasta's Twin Metals Minnesota subsidiary from constructing a $1.7 billion underground copper-nickel mine in the area. [...]

Self-sustaining 3D-printed house harnesses the power of nature

The Rain Catcher is a 3D-printed house that's off-the-grid and designed specifically to meet Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2030 Climate Challenge criteria for electric, heating and water consumption. This eco-house is truly made to harness all the power of nature.[...]

Oil and meat producing countries attempt to weaken UN report

Greenpeace investigative team announced this week that oil, coal, beef and animal feed producing countries have been lobbying to tone down a major United Nations climate report. [...]

Try these hauntingly delicious vegan treats for Halloween

When we see seasonal treats at the grocery store, we remember our childhood memories of munching our way through the holidays. Scouring for vegan options, we might flip the bag over to read the label, then put it back when we find it doesnat measure up. Instead of scrutinizing every ingredient, make your own deliciously ghoulish treats at home instead. It gives you the power to know whatas in theA recipeA and earns you some bonus parenting points too.A [...]

Space tech may help improve weather predictions on Earth

As you probably know, space exploration has brought us such fabulous advances as Tang and Velcro. And now, a weather technology called radio occultation (RO) thatas long been used to study Mars and Venus may help us better understand and predict Earthas weather.[...]

The entire state of California is now under drought emergency

A drought emergency has been declared for California. On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom made a statement urging residents to use water responsibly. The statewide drought emergency declaration comes just a few months after the governor declared a drought emergency in selected counties. [...]

YouBodyCare takes the plastic bottle out of your body wash

The morning shower is as routine as the daily cup of coffee. Itas almost a ritual for many. Many people's shower are equipped with a host of plastic bottles, including shampoo, conditioner and body washes. YouBodyCare wants to put an end to body wash in a bottle by developing a system to make it happen. [...]

Wild & Stone products are all plastic-free

Plastic waste is junking up the ocean. Many companies and individuals are finding ways to help reduce the levels of waste by creating brand new products out of recycled plastic waste. Meanwhile, more and more waste is being created every day. Wild & Stone is working on a more permanent solution: replacing single-use plastic altogether.[...]

This futuristic design uses recycled bottles, coffee and oranges

Dubai Expo's Italian Pavilion is a futuristic, sustainable creation. The 38,000-square-feet (3,500-square-meter) masterpiece opened on Oct. 1 at Dubai Expo 2020.[...]

Vertima's environmental consulting helps businesses go green

Businesses worldwide have begun looking for ways to increase the sustainable components of their companies while decreasing the environmental impact of inefficient buildings, waste and pollution. One Canadian company has stepped in to act as a consultant for businesses looking to make those kinds of changes, and itas called Vertima. [...]

99.9% of scientists agree climate crisis is caused by humans

99.9% of scientists globally agree that burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal is the main cause of climate change. They also concur that climate change is caused by human actions, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.[...]

Cleanup device removes 20,000 pounds of ocean plastic

A new device successfully hauled 20,000 pounds of trash out of the Pacific Ocean last week. This technology could potentially help clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.[...]

New AI-powered AC creates an ecosystem inside your house

Canadian Company HAVEN has launched a new AI-powered air quality control system that will manage airflow, temperature and humidity. HAVEN Central Air Controller HVAC helps develop an ecosystem inside an entire house. The system uses smart technology that can automatically detect harmful pollutants inside the house and clear them.  [...]

Enjoy these delicious hot vegan Starbucks drinks this fall

Autumn is the season for cozy sweaters, boots and a warm beverage. As furnaces kick on and wood stoves begin to crackle while warming the fall air, a stop at Starbucks can warm you from the inside out. In addition to the standard coffee fare, the company has a variety of vegan options to bring to the mix. While plain coffee itself is a vegan option, those trademark blends often include dairy, so delve into plant-based options instead and enjoy a host of new flavors as a bonus.[...]

African urbanization is being transformed by 3D printing

Every day, over 40,000 Africans move from rural regions to vibrant, growing cities to access improved facilities and economic growth. However, throughout the continent, countries are facing infrastructure shortages. In light of this, the U.K.-based CDC Group and the multinational materials distributor LafargeHolcim, have formed a joint venture called 14Trees to help meet increasing demands via sustainable building solutions.[...]

Researchers and Indigenous groups collaborate to save caribou

Scientists are working with Indigenous communities to change the fate of Arctic caribou herds threatened by climate change. Habitat loss has caused a 56% decline in North America's wild caribou population over the past 20 years, a situation that scientists and Indigenous conservation groups are determined to change.[...]

United Nations rejects youth activist climate petition

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child declined to rule on a complaint filed by youth activists from twelve countries. The young adults claimed that Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey have violated childrenas rights by failing to control carbon emissions, despite knowing about the perils of climate change. The panel told the activists that they should have brought their cases to national courts.[...]

Multifunctional award-winning site built on underused land

Les Ateliers Cabot is the winning project for C40 Reinventing Montreal 2021, which is part of the Reinventing Cities project. It is a call for designers and architects to come up with project ideas that will create carbon-neutral urban areas in underused sites into great new developments. These projects are meant to inspire the rest of the world and Les Ateliers Cabot is a truly inspiring project.[...]

Volvo teams up with Phillip Lim on sustainable weekender bag

In a collaboration between iconic Volvo and well-established sustainable luxury brand 3.1 Phillip Lim, they have developed a limited-edition weekender bag made from the same bio-based material being used in Volvoas electric cars. [...]

Innovative biophilic design planned for new village in Portugal

A new development is in the works, designed to sit on a Portuguese hillside and provide a community with unique characteristics and a focus on sustainable design, function, well-being and innovation.[...]

Underwater coral gardens may help avoid a biodiversity meltdown

Planting diverse corals under the sea could help save threatened coral reef ecosystems, according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances on October 13. The study, conducted by Cody Clements and Mark Hay of the Georgia Institute of Technology, found that increasing coral reefs' richness by 'outplanting' diverse species of corals could improve coral reef growth and survival.[...]

Scottish climate activist shames Shell CEO

At a public talk at the Ted Countdown Summit in Edinburgh last Thursday, participants played to type. Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden tried to look sincere about the oil behemothas commitment to fighting climate change. Young climate activist Lauren MacDonald delivered a scathing commentary about van Beurden and his companyas character, then stormed off the stage, refusing to further engage.[...]

DroneSeed makes reforestation easier after a large wildfire

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 6,480,861 acres have burned across the United States this year alone as a result of 47,201 wildfires. In response, a Seattle-based company is tackling the issue of replanting and restoring forestry health in a rather science-fiction way. [...]

Casa Numa is built out of 50-year-old coconut palm wood

At a first glance, you might not believe that Casa Numa is entirely built out of coconut palm wood over 50 years old. The 160 square meters of living space is a beauty to behold both inside and out.[...]

5 standout brands from Vegan Fashion Week 2021

As more consumers prioritize sustainability, the days of fast fashion are numbered. This yearas Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles highlighted brands that are stepping up to meet the demand for ethical products by offering fashionable creations free of animal products.A [...]

Hermit crab study shows microplastic's affect on marine life

A new study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science has found that microplastics affect the behavior of hermit crabs, a key part of the ocean ecosystem. The study, conducted by Queen's University, highlights how microplastics impact hermit crabs' growth and reproduction.[...]

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